Who is gianna michaels dating 100 free teen sex chat

Who is gianna michaels dating

Interview Date: 01/10/2007 In a world of copycat porn where everyone spots a trend and follows it, Gianna doesn't follow the crowd.She has an all natural look to her that sets her apart from all others to the point that you would never mistake her for another porn star.Big D: You have been in for just about two years doing porn.For the people that are unfamiliar with who you and what you are all about tell me how did you get your start, why you chose to get into porn and why you have chosen to stay it as long as you have.If I did not like it, I can walk away after the first shoot. I loved the fucking money and loved what I was doing and decided to make a career of it for a while as long as it lasts. Gianna: I would like to stay in it in front of the camera -- I don't want to put limits on myself -- but at least for two more years. I am expecting it to do pretty well because I am going to do a lot of personal stuff with it. That means I would be filming in front of the camera. I am going to maintain it personally and do some webcam stuff with it. Big D: You mentioned that you didn't seek working in porn but essentially the porn industry approached you. ' Big D: What was your first reaction when you were walking home from work and someone approaches you to see if you wanted to be in porn? It kept on presenting itself and eventually I thought, 'you know what?

I see that going very well and I am excited about that. Did you struggle with the decision to make that jump into it or was it something you had wanted to do and thought about before being approached? It was what it was pretty much and I decided that I didn't have a problem doing it. Gianna: It wasn't necessarily they would ask me, 'do you want to be in porn? ' I got stuck on that at first because I was very interested in it. It piqued my curiosity and I just kind of gave it a try and decided 'let's fucking do it'.

Gianna: I thought going in it was going to be a struggle to stay in porn but after my scene it all felt so normal. It then became something obviously a lot more than just 'modeling'. Big D: You mentioned your first scene felt so natural. View all Gianna DVDs Gianna: I actually did two shoots in one day.

Gianna is all woman and is not afraid to speak her mind or afraid to call you out.

In this interview with XRent DVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Gianna reveals that the porn industry actually found her, discusses why having sex on camera comes naturally and what aspect of the porn empire she hopes to conquer next.

Gianna: Actually, the porn industry introduced itself to me.

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I was approached a few times by a couple of different agents randomly while I was walking home from work or just in the process of living my life. Thanks for listening, everyone Hope all is well, and if its not.

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