Who is tom selleck dating

Who is tom selleck dating

(Jagger), a homemaker, and Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor and executive.

This was probably the sweetest story I read all week.

Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Martha S.

The Enquirer had a rare feel good piece about the couple’s relationship and how they keep it hot after all this time.

I’m sure this is embellished, but that’s just the cynic in me.

“Jillie has a great sense of humor, so our talks often end with both of us laughing, and as they always say, laughter is the best medicine.” The lovebirds live with their 25-year-old daughter, Hannah – a professional horse show jumper – on a 65 acre avocado ranch in Ventura County, California.

And Jillie appreciates what a catch she has in her husband – he’s both handsome and a hopeless romantic. “He gets up early every morning, makes her a cup of tea and takes it to her before she gets out of bed.” He also leaves little love poems he’s written around the house for her to find while he’s in New York every other week filming “Blue Bloods” adds the source. He’s also on a first name basis with the local florist because he’s always sending her flowers.” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 14, 2014] The article goes on to say that they have their own interests so when they do get together “the sparks fly.” Damn.

“We decided long ago that fighting was a waste of time,” a pal quotes Tom as saying.

For all the stories of celebrities cheating, lying about it, and eventually breaking up (I’m looking at you, Goop and the Pinkett-Smiths) there are the rare success stories.We have couples like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (25 years), Bryan Cranston and Robin Deardon (24 years), and famously unmarried Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (30 years, can you believe it? You can add Tom Selleck and his wife of 26 years, British born Jillie Mack, to that list.Can you believe Tom Selleck is 69 freaking years old?! I would say his wife is a lucky bitch, but she probably puts up with a lot of his crap too.I’m not buying that everything is roses in their relationship, but it sounds like they’ve worked out a nice way to communicate and to show appreciation and love for each other daily.Tom and Jillie’s relationship sounds so romantic that I had to share it with you.

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The still-handsome 69-year-old actor and his second wife, British-born beauty Jilly Mack, 56, have been enjoying marital bliss since 1987 – because they made a pact to never fight.

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