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Whos dating emma roberts

Though her former husband, Julian, and their adult children live in proper houses - in cities, believe it or not - Emma is happy taking water from a stream, chopping wood, tending her vegetables and looking after her seven chickens, three goats, two horses and two cats …

and then coming back to this extraordinary place she calls home.

For the past 13 years, Emma, a 58-year-old mother of three, has lived in a round mud hut at the bottom of a scrappy field in rural west Wales, a 15-minute walk from the nearest road.

On the day I visit, the drizzle is utterly depressing and my wellington boots and trousers are caked in mud.

She met her husband Julian, an architectural historian, at Oxford.

It's 13ft from one side to the other, with no lamp, no TV or radio, no basin and no loo.

As the rest of us worry about mortgages and buy expensive gadgets that promise to make our lives easier, on the lower slopes of Mount Carningli in Pembrokeshire, Emma has turned the clock back to an almost medieval existence.

I wonder if it's an act of rebellion against a strict upbringing? I was usually out in the fields - I always loved flowers and nature. Her bath, too, is out in the open: a small tin tub that's been adapted to allow a fire to be lit underneath.

Though it's 10.30 am, it's horribly gloomy inside because Emma does not have electricity.More brutally still, she does not have running water.In truth - and I hope I'm not ungallant here - she has an almost pleasant smokey smell, picked up from the fire that burns in her hut.But it has to be said that she does look a bit grubby. (The last time she went to a hairdresser, Harold Wilson was PM.) Emma's rejection of the modern world and her move to her Hobbit-style hut came in stages.'The walls are made of straw, then covered over with my secret recipe plaster. I enjoyed putting it on with my bare hands - though it smells very strongly until it dries out.' So what has driven her to make such an extreme life choice?

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And how does she cope without the two basic necessities of modern life: electricity and running water? After he died, my mother worked as a librarian at the art college in the village at the top of this field. 'As children, we weren't encouraged to focus on material things.

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