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Anne paid 0 plus tax for Winnipeg matchmaker Lianne Tregobov, who owns Camelot Introductions — a dating service where potential clients are pre-screened and receive a criminal record check. and they want another wonderful relationship," Tregobov said.

More than half of Tregobov's clientele is single baby boomers — people who are between the ages of 51 and 70 — because they can afford to hire a matchmaker, she said.

"Men have a tendency to pass away sooner than women so we have an abundance of amazing women who are looking for guys," she said.

Tregobov said she has noticed a trend of what she calls "casserole ladies." "A casserole lady is somebody who follows the obituaries or pre-plans knowing that a fellow is losing his spouse and then makes herself available, feeds him, knocks on his door with casseroles and often is trying to find her place," she said.

"Very often men take the first bus that goes by because they don't want to feel the pain and they don't want to grieve." She also helps single baby boomer men be more realistic in their search for new love, she said.

"Sometimes the guys think that the 30-year-old might be interested in a 60-year-old and that is simply not reality.

For baby boomers, dating is no longer necessarily about finding the partner to build a family with, Tregobov said.

Dating can be tough at any age, but for a 67-year-old Winnipeg woman, getting back into the scene after losing the love of her life posed different challenges than dating when she was younger.

So we let them know who they would probably have success with," she said.Picking a partner with good health is also important for boomers, Tregobov said.She tried dating websites but was discouraged because there were more single women than men and she felt she was being compared to other women, she said. "If you're running a business and you lose your president you go to a head hunter.You go to someone who knows the market, who does the back ground checks, who does the leg work," she said. Times have changed and definitely they've had wonderful relationships…When she was younger she would go out with groups and she could judge who she liked face-to-face.

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