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She's also in WELCOME TO THE HOUSE as Ching Gar Man, she has a love interest, Raymond Cho. She also has a new series, Enjoyable Life with Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai. i've watched her in yummy yummy and under the canopy of love and i think she's a pretty good actress. she's so cute and pretty yeah, she started off as a model though. Hearts of Fencing Welcome to the House Forensic Heroes And in HOF & WTTH they play lovers !

people have been telling me that they're living together too .. natalie and glasses don't really match that well x D ....... They played cheesey games such as breaking the ball with mouths, kneeling down to propose, and eating food games.

Last night Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, and others promoted their new series Under the Canopy of Love and celebrated Valentine's Day with a bunch of young fans.

They wanted Niki to wear a necklace in front of her chest with grapes and Bosco and Kevin to rush up and eat all of the grapes.

On stage, Niki, Kevin, and Bosco were being played like 'newcomers'.

They parked on the sidewalk and went into a nearby cafe. Natalie was also seen laughing out loud after Amigo told her something. It was quite cheap but he was seen talking on the phone when the bill arrived and Natalie was seen paying instead.

The reporters later phoned up Amigo and asked about this event, he said, "Yesterday was my birthday and I had vacation. ) I went to the karaoke earlier with my friends and today I am eating dinner with my family." When they mentioned his girlfriend paying the bill instead, he siad, "No, she was just helping me get the change. ) It's a secret." Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong seems like a really cute couple together. I like Natalie in "Under the canopy of love," the character she did was nice and partnering with Charles was cute too Natalie in Forensic plays a prostitute, she looks too skinny there, but alot more prettier and mature. I thought natalie was a previous Missi HK candidates..b/c she sooo pretty. Anyways, so she entered the HK antertainment area through acting and hosting?

A group of male fans kneeled on the stage and shouted out ' I love you' which shocked Niki.

But the interesting thing is that it stirred up some male fans to kneel and express their love to Niki.

Chinese Title: Tein Mok Ha Dik Luen Yun English Title: Under THe Canopy Of Love Episodes: 20 Character Name: Coco Main cast: Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Claire Yiu, Charles Szeto Love Interest: Charles Szeto Appearance: Wears glasses Family: Dad(Ha Yu), Older Sis(Don't know her name), Second Sis(Niki Chow), Grandma(Ha Ping) credits to KAT from !

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I like her in My Family and Yummy Yummy but she didn't have a big role in there. She had a fairly role in there and she did a terrific job.

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