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The Internet has become the second most common way to find a partner, the first being introduced through a friend. An increasing number of single Americans meet their significant other online: 20 million people visit a dating site at least once a month, and it’s estimated that online dating is responsible for 120,000 marriages a year."), and sadness ("I'm not saying I go around yelling your name like I'm in Rocky or anything, but sometimes it hits me. There's times like the other night, friends and I were sitting around the dock drinking wine. And so I told him basically everything I laid out in this post: And then came the e-mail to end all e-mails. Like that Friends episode, you know, where Ross is all, "Eighteen pages, front and back!

However, many people don’t trust the strangers they meet online.In this case, users can review public information made available by local government offices or conduct full criminal background checks with services like to find out if their date can be trusted.A recent study by Pew Research Center in Washington found that 30 percent of online daters search for information about their possible dates before meeting them.This figure rises to 41 percent among 18- to 29-year olds.The guy is an unemployed pot smoker; persistence isn't really his 'thing,'" I may have spoken too soon.

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As it turns out, once the words "it's over" come into play, persistence is very much his thing. That delicate balance, walking that fine line between ignoring him altogether and not wanting to piss him off too much, since he does know where I live, after all.

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