Www mydatingtime com

Www mydatingtime com

Military spouses face unique challenges in their marriages and their daily lives.Most people don’t have to move every 3 years, or live without their husband for months at a time, or put up with all the crazy schedule changes that we have all come to accept as ‘normal.’ No, military spouse life is not normal, and some days are ridiculously hard. ” But sometimes, when I need inspiration and encouragement, I think about my Mom. She met my dad in college, and he has been a professional Engineer ever since.And she overcame then in an awesomely strong and positive way that has made me into the strong military spouse I am today!There are some ways that her life was easier than mine, but other ways she had it way harder (like no Internet! ) So in honor of Mother’s Day, I will do a tribute to my Mom. This is a look at how our lives parallel each other, and it what ways we have traveled separate paths.Sometimes we seem to keep score and throw down a military spouse challenge to civilians, when we say things like, “You miss your husband when he is gone for 1 night? Yet her life as a civilian wife and mom was far from easy.

Interestingly, I got married at the same age as my mom–25 years old (which is considered young for my generation!) We have 4 kids and have been married almost 9 years!Also, it’s a fun evaluation of whose life has been harder. They dated long-distance for a few years because of grad school and jobs, and finally got married when she was 25 (which was considered ‘old’ for her generation).They had 5 children together, and have been married for almost 40 years!Housing: My Mom and dad bought their first house when they were engaged.

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They moved into it when they married, and still live there!

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