Xmlvalidatingreader sample code Cam sex webmaster

Xmlvalidatingreader sample code

Utlimately I want to be able to parse an xml STRING with an xsd STRING but this is the best I could do: parsing an xml FILE with an xsd FILE.

I basically reworked a console application example in the MSDN help file into a nicer looking ASP. It tells you if your file is not well-formed and then if it is not valid it lists out the specific reason (like in XMLSpy), quite helpful to find an error in a large XML file as it returns the line number on which the error occurred as well as the tag name. NET so to get it to work you will have to change the code around to whatever you want to do.

Text = ""; //load schema Xml Schema Collection xsc = new Xml Schema Collection(); xsc.

Text, xsc); } private void Validate(String filename, Xml Schema Collection xsc) { Xml Text Reader reader = null; Xml Validating Reader vreader = null; reader = new Xml Text Reader (filename); vreader = new Xml Validating Reader (reader); vreader. Close(); } public void Validation Call Back (object sender, Validation Event Args args) { Outcome.

I am trying to find an alternative to the following function, which is using the obsolete How can I adapt this code to work with XMLReader, which is what Visual Studio is suggesting as an alternative? 'VALIDATE XML Public Shared Function validate Xml(By Val xml String As String) As Xml Document xml Error Str = "" Dim str Reader As New String Reader(xml String) Dim xmlr As New Xml Text Reader(str Reader) Dim xmlvread As New Xml Validating Reader(xmlr) ' Set the validation event handler Add Handler xmlvread.

The xml String I am passing into the function is the raw xml which is referencing the XSD schema.

Create (new Xml Text Reader(file), settings); Check the MSDN documentation for Xml Validating Reader and you'll see in the [Obsolete Attribute] attribute this: "Use Xml Reader created by Xml Reader.

Validation Event Handler, Address Of Validation Call Back Try While (xmlvread.

Label The Xsd; private void Page_Load(object sender, System.

Text = ""; } private void Button1_Click(object sender, System.

Validation Event Handler += new Validation Event Handler (Validation Call Back); try { while (vreader. Text = "XML Document is not well-formed."; } vreader.

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Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

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