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Email me if you know of any clients I am missing from my list.This is not a list of recommended clients, nor am I saying all these clients are safe to use.I made this as a list of all chat clients I could find.As with any program you download and use you are doing so at your own risk.

Share your music and files with friends with Cheeta Chat's user-friendly file transfer! use Cheeta Chat's many expressive emotions or create your own for all to see and share; custom graphical avatars, socials, ascii art and more. Zinc originally started out as a code fork of Curphoo 0.3.7 but it has been completely rewritten since then. It enables the user to communicate with others over the global Yahoo! Like Yah ELite it has it's own HTTP server for sharing files and it supports the displaying of both Cheeta's and Y! Yahoo Messenger now has IMViroments which are various and often interactive backgrounds for use in IM's ( NOT pm's )What is Zinc? “…I am always reminded of how small changes in the details of a digital design have profound unforeseen effects on the experiences of humans who are playing with it…It is impossible to work with information technology without also engaging in social engineering.” -Jaron Lanier [1] After a relatively quiet and unmourned death, the chatroom as a social space recently returned in the form of Omegle and Chatroulette.JAM (Just Another Messenger) is the only true Yahoo messenger replacement. The maximum font size is set to high, and it is so full of exploits that people with no lives find it amusing to make programs that allow users to boot or otherwise annoy people chatting thru messenger. Currently there is "apparently" absolutely no Curphoo or Curfloo source code in Zinc. Chat network using an interface that should be comfortable for anyone who has used AOL Instant Messenger or a similar service.

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It acts just like a messenger but you can also enter chat with it. My advice is get a decent chat client like those preceding this one and just use messenger for talking to your friends and sharing files.

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